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Jan 22 2017

Guardian Of December-POSTMORTEM

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Guardian Of December-POSTMORTEM
Guardian Of December-POSTMORTEM
Type: PC
Size: 693.7 MB


Guardian Of December-POSTMORTEM

Guardian Of December
(c) Vidas Salavejus
Release-Date.: 01/12/2016
Protection...: Steam
Disc.Count...: 1 DVD
Game.Type....: Adventure
Language.....: English
A long time ago people lived peacefully; they lived and
died, they improved, explored, and discovered, but they
wanted more.
They became greedy, they wanted to be kings and rule the
Unnecessary fights, murders, wars... Gods decided to
stop this.
At the end of every year, during December, they opened
gates to Hell so demons could freely punish, torture and
The world began to become part of hell. People stopped
fighting each other, they united, but that was not
enough to defend themselves.
One demon was different, much stronger than everyone
else, who once was a man, an assassin, who killed others
to live, which in turn landed him in Hell.
But after some time in Hell, he had grown weary and
regretted his past life and wanted to help the humans.
He became a guardian, and at the end of each year he
fought off the demons.
The people called him Guardian of December.
The Devil noticed that his armies were being slain, so
he offered a deal: no demon will ever come to Earth
but the Guardian of December must return to hell.
The people were saved and the guardian's soul was
trapped in hell once again.
After a year, when the gates of Hell were opened again,
the people were hoping that no demons would come out
But the Devil broke his deal and demons started crawling
The Guardian must return...
Gods give you the power to fight your way out of the
hell prison and save the world. After getting out you
reach the Arano village, where its leader Taru explains
their plan on how to reach the Devil and kill him. The
Devil's Medallion will take you to the Devil, but you
need to collect its pieces first. Villagers along with
other creatures built portal that can transport to the
medallion fragments, but the humans are too weak for
such missions. So Guardian's assistance is necessary.
Go through ice cave, dungeon, temple, darkness
collection, castle, swamp, fight the witch, vampires,
monsters, undead creatures, magic animals and many more,
get stronger, unlock new skills, get new weapons,
customize your Guardian with helmets and wings you get
from battles, get to know about different creatures,
their stories... In Guardian Of December!
- RPG style turn based battles
- Customization
- Many different enemies, battles, skills
- Various weapons
- Melee and magic attacks
- Warning - jumpscares!



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