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Feb 19 2017

DRONE/UAV: Introduction

DRONE/UAV: Introduction

DRONE/UAV: Introduction
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English
Theoretical course for DRONE/UAV pilots giving basic knowledge about topics like Airspace, Weather, Safety and more


Are you looking for more information about DRONE/UAV ?

This course gives you package of basic information for drone pilot and covering most
important areas:

DRONE/UAV Classification
Event you have most probably quadrocopter or other copter drone in drone market exist more types of drones/UAVs. This lecture gives you wider understanding how are drones/UAVs properties are depending on drone/UAV type.

Aviation Authorities
Which Aviation Authorities I should follow? Which authority regulate what? Where to found more information? Answers for those question are in third lecture.

Basic knowledge for Airspace
How is in Aviation measured altitude? What is flight level? and more basic knowledge from Aviation gives you lecture Basic knowledge for Airspace.


From my point most important lecture. Student will lear how is Airspace divided, what is controlled and uncontrolled airspace and where is allowed and prohibited to fly drone/UAV.

What mean safety for pilots? How to create safe operation environment? How to practise safety? Answers in lecture Safety.

Types of DRONE/UAV flight OPS (operations)
Drones/UAVs can fly 4 basic types of flight OPS. If you want to know, what type of flight OPS you are flying or want to fly you can found it in this lecture.

Weather issues for DRONE/UAV flying
This lecture is focused to weather for drone/UAV flying. Knowledge about weather helping drone pilots udenrand enviroment and improve safety.

DRONE/UAV: Introduction

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