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Jan 24 2018

Outcast - Second Contact [Update 2] (2017) by RG Mechanic

Outcast - Second Contact [Update 2] (2017) by RG Mechanic
Outcast - Second Contact [Update 2] (2017) PC | RePack by RG Mechanic
Year of release : 14 November 2017
Genre : Adventure, Action,Adventure , Shooter ™ , the Adventure , 3rd-the Person , 3D
Developer : Appeal
Publisher : Bigben Interactive has
Publication Type : RePack
Subtitle Language : ENG | MULTI7
Sound language : ENG | MULTI3
tablet : Enclosing (CODEX)


The cult game Outcast, which breathed life into the adventure genre in the open world, returns with Outcast - Second Contact. Explore the planet Adelpha, equally beautiful and dangerous, and decide the fate of the two worlds. Take on the role of Cutter Slade, experienced soldier of the real elite troops, and explore the planet Adelpha, using full freedom. Traveling through this magnificent world, where magic and science mingled, you will discover exotic cities, confront cruel enemies and try to learn the secrets of a developed civilization. Make the right choice in this living world, because the fate of these two universes depends on your successes.

Start your adventure, full of freedom, in this vast open world.
Perform at your own pace various tasks available at any time.
Derly enter Talans into a direct encounter or penetrate the enemy territory.
Master the arsenal of improved weapons and high-tech gadgets and choose a strategy in accordance with the situation.
Change the balance of power on Adelpha. The action of Outcast - Second Contact takes place in a living world where your actions have a direct and visible effect on the ecosystem.
Explore 6 different continents on foot or on the shoulders of Twôn-Ha and infiltrate wild lands unknown to people.
As you immerse yourself in the culture of a foreign civilization, you will fall into the heart of the Talans society, where you will negotiate with Riss merchants, communicate with rebel forces or follow the mystical path of the great Shamaz.
Each meeting, every event is an invitation to adventure in this fascinating world.
Over 50 hours of adventure in a dynamic and fast-paced history.
Speak against the bloodthirsty tyrants and free the people from under oppression.
Take on the role of Cutter Slade, a charismatic hero who always speaks straight.
The universe of Outcast is completely redesigned taking into account the achievements of modern graphics.
Fight even more dynamically thanks to new moves: dodging, kickbacks, running and a system of shelters.
New hidden areas provide an opportunity to learn some of the mysteries of Adelpha, hotly discussed by the fans of the original game.

Features repack:
Sewn Update 2 Hotfix
Do not cut / recoded
Sew a text cracker from "Left Corporation" and Siberian Studio

✔ Operating system :Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (x64 only)
✔ Processor : 4th Gen Intel® Core ™ i5 Processors / AMD FX® 8300
✔ Graphics Card : GeForce GTX670 / AMD Radeon® 7950
✔ RAM : 6 GB
✔ Sound device : Sound device , compatible with DirectX 9.0s
✔ Hard disk space : 8.3 GB

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