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Jan 26 2018

Fundamentals of Python: First Programs, 2nd Edition

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Fundamentals of Python: First Programs, 2nd Edition
Fundamentals of Python: First Programs, 2nd Edition by Kenneth A. Lambert
English | January 1st, 2018 (2019 Edition) | ISBN: 133756009X | 498 pages | PDF | 7.03 MB

Present the required fundamentals of computer science while preparing students for further study with the unique, appealing approach in Lambert's FUNDAMENTALS OF PYTHON: FIRST PROGRAMS. Students start with simple algorithmic code before they scale into functions, objects, and classes as problems become more complex and require new abstraction mechanisms.


Rather than confining students to numeric or text-based applications like other introductory texts, this book builds motivation by presenting graphics, image manipulation, GUIs, and simple networked client/server applications. The author uses Python's standard Turtle graphics module to introduce graphics and provide open source frameworks for easy image processing and GUI application development. Readable, thorough coverage and contemporary content engage your students as they work with applications similar to those they use every day.


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