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Jun 19 2018

Dragon Scales 4: Master Chambers [v.Final]

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Dragon Scales 4: Master Chambers [v.Final]

Dragon Scales 4: Master Chambers
The Gravity Kingdom is under siege again! DragonScales is back with 180 new levels aimed at brain fitness. This installment in the series introduces novel challenges and expanded gameplay, with new mechanics such as looping cells and single-click boards. Collect all the stars, solve tricky puzzles, play strategically, get all the achievements, and embark on a new adventure!

Game Features:
- 180 totally new levels.
- Multiple challenges: classic combinations, gravity boards, chasing scales, tricky puzzles, flooding boards, looping cells, and many more actions.
- Collect 80 stars. Some stars are secret, and you'll have to find them out.
- New Skip Level button to allow you to continue your adventure if some level turns out to be very demanding.
- Now DragonScales allows players to win achievements to keep track of your dexterity and to improve on replay value.
- Alluring experience for both expert and casual players. Enjoy a relaxed play experience or try improving on each level's records!


Dragon Scales 4: Master Chambers [v.Final]

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