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May 12 2019

Sea of ​​Thieves Anniversary Edition v2.83.2846.2 (Full Unlocked)

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Sea of ​​Thieves Anniversary Edition v2.83.2846.2 (Full Unlocked)
Sea of ​​Thieves Anniversary Edition v2.83.2846.2 (Full Unlocked)
April 30, 2019 (Anniversary Edition) | PC | Developer: Rare Ltd | Publisher: Microsoft Studios | 37GB
Interface language: RU / EN/ ...MULTi9*
Voice Language: ENG
Genre: Action / Adventure / Simulator / Open World / Coop 2-4 / 1st Person / 3D

Introducing the game that takes you to the world of dashing pirates: an online adventure from renowned developers - Rare Studios. The game of Sea of ​​Thieves to the eyeballs is full of sea travel and discoveries, battles and looting, riddles and treasures.


It has everything that a brave pirate can only dream about! The action takes place on exotic islands, where treasures are buried, and players await dangers and supernatural horrors. In Sea of ​​Thieves, players interact in a very special way. It doesn't matter if you are traveling with the team or alone, you will definitely encounter other players, but who will they be - friends, enemies? And how will your relationship?

Game features:
Regardless of the style of the game, you will find in Sea of ​​Thieves an activity you like:
Exploring the world. You can set sail on the endless sea, exploring new lands, uncovering the secrets of islands that man has not stepped on, and sunken ships. Follow the map, guess riddles, find treasures - and always be ready for unexpected turns ...

Adventure and adrenaline. You are waiting for sea battles with the shooting of guns and pistols and duels on boarding sabers. You can pursue enemy ships through a raging storm. Float through enemy territory in search of deadly riches or cargo that can be seized. Engage in battle with the skeletons - the damned remains of former pirates. Just beware of the dangers that lurk in the depths!

Cooperative play. You can play with friends, recruit a team with a selection of players, or remain a "lonely sea wolf" - in any case, you are provided with funny and memorable encounters, because in this game almost every sail appeared on the horizon, means that the team swims to you real players.

Progress. In an effort to become a legendary pirate, you will save a lot of loot, glorify your name, with hard work you will earn rewards and create your own, unique style of play! The game grows and develops all the time, so wherever you are and wherever you swim - you will always find something interesting. Sea of ​​Thieves receives more and more positive feedback from players and critics. Undoubtedly, the game will be an unforgettable adventure for owners of PCs with Windows 10 and Xbox One, with advanced features for players on Xbox One X.

Features Anniversary Edition:
A new golden age begins ... The expanses of Sea of ​​Thieves are an open world where the ideals of real pirate life flourish: freedom, self-expression, the spirit of adventure and loyalty to the comrades. Team up with other players and go in search of treasure!
Here are just some of what awaits you in the Anniversary Edition:
Stories about the search for Gold beaches in the Tall Tales - Shores of Gold update;
competitive mode;
the ability to fish, hunt and cook;
multifunctional harpoon that can be installed on the ship;
new trading companies and types of tasks;
ships with skeletons and damned cores;
megalodons and treasures falling from sea monsters;
new territories with active volcanoes located on them;
free set of seabass.
Explore the world: set sail on the endless sea, exploring new lands and discovering the secrets of sunken ships and islands that have not been stepped on. Search for treasures with the help of treasure maps, solving riddles along the way - and always be ready for unexpected turns ...
Cooperative play: you can play with friends, recruit a team with a selection of players or remain a lonely sea wolf - in any case, you are provided with fun and memorable adventures, because almost every sail on the horizon can mean that a team of other players floats to you.
Achievements: in pursuit of the status of the legendary pirate, you will accumulate a lot of loot, glorify your name, earn a lot of rewards with hard work and transform your ship and appearance.

OS: Win 10 x64bit (1607 or later)
Processor: Intel Q9450 @ 2.6GHz or AMD Phenom II X6 @ 3.3 GHz
RAM: 4 GB of RAM
Video card: 1 GB / Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 or AMD Radeon 7750
DirectX: Versions 11
Disk space: 38 GB

Sea of ​​Thieves Anniversary Edition v2.83.2846.2 (Full Unlocked)




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