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Jun 05 2019

World War Z (Update v1.1) - xatab

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World War Z (Update v1.1) - xatab
World War Z (Update v1.1) - xatab
April 16, 2019 | PC | Interface language: Russian / English | Voice Language: English | 19GB
Developer: Saber Interactive | Publisher: MadDog Games, Focus Home Interactive
Genre: Action (Shooter) / Survival / 3rd Person

World War Z - is an exciting cooperative third-person shooter, designed for four players, about the opposition hordes of zombies, who scour in search of prey.


Developed for modern consoles and PCs, the game with a dynamic gameplay based on the incredibly popular eponymous film by Paramount Pictures studio "World War Z" will open new storylines and heroes from different countries of the world whose mission is to survive in tense, super difficult and terrifying missions.

Swarm Engine Game Engine
The engine developed by Saber Interactive Studio provides excellent visualization of hundreds of zombies in incredible shooting on the screen. You will feel the whole shocking atmosphere of the apocalypse through the use of advanced methods of depicting the massacre of zombies.

Choose your class
Pump six unique classes - Gunslinger, Hellraiser, Slasher, Medic (Medic), Fixer and Fighter (Exterminator) - each with its own unique features and style of play. Set up powerful weapons to survive in the toughest conditions.

- Gunslinger - Gunslinger will appeal to those who immediately pulls the trigger without asking any questions. He has a whole arsenal of skills that increase damage and ammunition to mow packs of the dead.
- Hellraiser - Any difficulties are solved by explosives - the question is only in its quantity! Hellraiser uses C4 explosives and other means of effective crowd control.
- Slasher - For warriors who prefer an elegant fighting style, the best way to kill is their sure blade. Slasher abilities increase damage and melee effectiveness, and a charged stun gun will cause enemies to convulse.
- Medic - Sometimes the most effective way to fight the dead is not to let followers join their ranks. With the help of a pistol stimulator, the Medic can heal teammates from a distance and help contain total chaos.
- Fixer - If universality is needed in any situation, the Fixer is ready to help. He begins to fight with a box of explosive ammunition and several skills to restore the Allied ammunition.
- Exterminator - Fire - this is the answer to all questions! Armed with Molotov cocktails and inflicting increased fire damage, the Exterminator wants one thing - for the dead to burn bright flames.

- Fight hundreds of dead in cruel and spectacular fights
- Pass story missions with friends
- Get the upper hand over other survivors in battle modes against players and zombies

RePack features:
- Based on CODEX
- Do not cut / not recoded
- Game archives are not opened
- Game Version Update.v1.10
- Installation time 10 minutes on HDD (Varies with computer)
Installed Update.v1.10. Added DLC: World War Z Undead Sea.

OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bit)
CPU: Core i3-3220 / AMD A10-5700
RAM: 8 GB of RAM
Video card: GF 650Ti / Intel 630 / Radeon HD 5870
Disk space: 30 GB

World War Z (Update v1.1) - xatab




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