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Aug 15 2019

Back-In-Time 5.0.7 macOS

Back-In-Time 5.0.7 macOS
Back-In-Time 5.0.7 macOS | 9.3 MB
Languages: English, Fran�ais

Back-In-Time gives you access to the content of the Time Machine backups. Its browser allows you to see at the same time data saved in several Time Machine disks, data from several different Macs, data from several disks, etc.


Back-In-Time offers a fast, comprehensive view of all backups to quickly find out which files have been backed up, how many different versions are in the backups, which files have been removed, etc.
Time Machine is the backup solution integrated by Apple into his system. With its automatic operation and easy implementation, this is a very good solution to secure your data.
Back-In-Time solution was initially created to improve navigation and retrieval functions of the data backed up by Time Machine which, in our view, are very limited and insufficient, impractical and with very restricted visibility in what is done and can be done.
Back-In-Time indicates the number of different versions of each file found in all of the backups (including inside several Time Machine disks). It shows the size and date of each version, and you can:
Time Machine is a great basic backup tool, but the options for locating and restoring data are quite limited. Back-In-Time gives you total flexibility in locating and recovering your data to any location on your Mac.




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