Vue-Apollo GraphQL Fundamentals

16 Feb 2021 19:56 LEARNING » e-learning - Tutorial

Vue-Apollo GraphQL Fundamentals
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Learn how to consume and use GraphQL APIs in your Vue.js apps with Vue-Apollo.
In this course, you'll learn how to use Vue-Apollo and GraphQL APIs in your Vue.js applications.

GraphQL is a query language for APIs and a runtime to execute said queries. The Apollo client is a complete state management library that takes care of caching data, refetching queries, and much more.

Vue Apollo and GraphQL allow us to build robust and performant user interfaces efficiently.

During the course, we'll be working with the SpaceX GraphQL API. You'll learn best practices and workflow tips that enhance productivity and improves the developer experience.

This course assumes that you know the fundamentals of GraphQL. If you do not, we recommend that you take our GraphQL Fundamentals course beforehand.

What you will learn
How to use GraphQL in a Vue.js application
What is Vue Apollo
How to construct queries with dynamic arguments
How to use optimistic responses
How to handle mutation errors
Workflow tips & Tooling




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