Learn Terraform v12, v13, v14 on Azure DevOps & Automation

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Learn Terraform v12, v13, v14 on Azure DevOps & Automation
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You will learn all version of terraform including v12, v13 & v14.

Hands on Terraform, Automation with Azure DevOps CICD Pipelines, Github, Visual Studio code, Zero to Hero All-in-One

You will learn, the installation of terraform and configuring the development environment by installing tools like Azure Cli, vscode with its extensions and git client cli tools

You will learn the basic syntax of terraform and configure terraform to work with azure.

You will learn to work with terraform cli, use terraform to modify our first deployment and to destroy resources if they are not in use.

You will go through a multi-tier real-life infrastructure scenario and will setup the whole infrastructure using Terraform.

You will learn input, output variables and remote state storage so that it can be used by multiple developers together.

You will learn to create Modules and their usage. We will also make the terraform code reusable and repeatable.

You will learn to manage multiple environments and how to handle dependencies among resources using implicit and explicit dependencies.

You will learn about azure devops tools, like azure boards, repos, pipelines, test plans and artifacts. You will also learn the use of git client cli and push code to GitHub repo.

You will learn multiple ways of secret management to keep the code free from secrets and keys.

You will deploy the code, using azure release pipelines with triggers and approvals, based on terraform execution plan to deploy multiple environments.

In this course, you will learn how to work with multiple DevOps tools like Terraform, VSCode with its extensions, Git client cli, Github, Azure DevOps and Microsoft Azure Cloud.

This is course includes 47 videos and over 35 hands on infrastructure as a code labs using Terraform and Azure DevOps

Basic knowledge of Infrastructure and its deployment like Servers, Virtual Machines, Storage, Network and Firewall.

Comfortable with command line tools.

Basic understanding of Microsoft Azure Cloud.

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couponCode = B9F49A6A7A5E2D947C59 (updated on 17 Feb2021)

Learn Infrastructure as Code with Terraform & automation with Azure DevOps on Microsoft Azure Cloud.

You will learn all version of Terraform which include v11, v12, v13 and v14 in this course, Apart from that four other DevOps tools which includes

Visual Studio code, Git, Azure Cli and Azure DevOps all in one course. so this is 5 in 1 course.

Section 1: Introduction and overview

Section 2: Creating Base configuration and First deployment

Section 3: Terraform commands and First deployment Overview.

Section 4: Terraform Lab overview and its setup.

Section 5: Input, Output Variables and Remote State Storage.

Section 6: Creating Terraform Modules and their usage.

Section 7: Managing Multiple Environments, Dependencies and Whats new in terraform v0.13 & v0.14.

Section 8: Introduction to Azure DevOps and Pushing code to Git Repo

Section 9: Secret Management with Terraform and in Azure DevOps

Section 10: Deploying code using Azure DevOps.

Please use Terraform v0.12.29 or earlier version as v0.13 is too new. I have added bonus video on v0.13 and v0.14 so that if you want to use v0.13 and v0.14 for this course then you can use after introducing some changes in the code to make it work with Terraform v0.13 and v0.14. This course covers all version of Terraform.

Happy Terrafog.

This course is suitable for students who are preparing for Terraform Certification exam.

Anyone interested in learning Terraform & Azure DevOps specifically with Microsoft Azure.

Anyone interested in learning infrastructure as code with automation.

This course is useful for students who wants to take Azure DevOps exam.

This course is also suitable for DevOps Eeers, Programmers, Azure Administrators, IT Professionals, Developers & IT Consultants.

Anyone interested to learn Terraform using multiple providers, Azure being one.





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