Python - The complete guide in 2021

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Python - The complete guide in 2021
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A complete practical Python course in which you will learn to create your own web/desktop app with MySQL database.

What you'll learn

Python basics & advanced

Python must used libraries

NumPy - work with multi-dimensional arrays

Matplotlib - bar chart, pie chart, etc

Pandas - manage CSV, manage JSON, clean data

Machine Learning overview

Django with MySQL (CRUD)

PyQt5 with MySQL (CRUD)


Taste to learn :)


The course covers everything to start with and to be a professional in Python. Understand very useful libraries such as:

NumPy - to work faster with multidimensional arrays

Matplotlib - present your data graphically

Pandas - analyze, clean and plot your data

Scikit-learn - get a large overview on Machine Learning, know how to split your dataset to training & testing data

Use Django frameworks with other great libraries to create very quickly real-world web application. Learn how to use Urls, Views, Models, Templates, and Forms. Learn how to upload file to your server.

Use PyQt5 to create your own multi-platform desktop application with modern design. Know how to create that with or without using Qt Designer. Present your data (either from SQL database, CSV, JSON, list, dictionary, set, tuple) using Matplotlib to your desktop app.

Use either SQLite or MySQL to store your data and manipulate them, either with simple Python, or with Django, or with PyQt5. (CRUD) Create, Read, Update, Delete.

In the course, very very less theoretical things are used. Learning with exemples and exercices is the most effective way!!!! However, during typing the codes, we explain everything from start to finish so you understand the theory while coding.

Who this course is for:

Python developers curious to learn

Web App developers

Desktop App developers





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