Disappeared by Linda Castillo

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Disappeared by Linda Castillo

Disappeared by Linda Castillo
epub | 5.34 MB | English | Isbn:B08WL3R3NL | Author: Linda Castillo | PAge: 54 | Year: 2021


Chief of Police Kate Burkholder races against the clock to find a missing child in this new original short story from New York Times bestselling author Linda Castillo.

As a violent thunderstorm rages in Painters Mill, Kate Burkholder receives a call from a frantic young Amish woman: her two-year-old son is missing. Kate and her officers brave the downpour to search for the toddler, fearing he may have been swept away in the rising creek waters. But an explosive family secret leads Kate to believe this disappearance may be more complicated than anyone is letting on. Can she find the boy and uncover the truth before darkness falls?

Category:90-Minute Literature & Fiction Short Reads, 90-Minute Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Short Reads, Women Sleuths


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