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Jun 26 2015

Cheats 4 Hire [FINAL]

Cheats 4 Hire [FINAL]|158.5 MB

Put your cheating skills to the test and become a hero to your class! An increasing number of students are hopelessly flunking the exams at Travian High School. The only solution: cheating! With the help of the cheerleader, convince other as yet undecided students to aid you in your endeavors: Copy and distribute the answers with the nerd’s help, and make use of the jock’s skills to mislead both teachers and teacher’s pets.
Control the characters in real time and satisfy the mission requirements. However, if things should turn out more difficult than expected, Janitor Joseph has a few tricks up his sleeve — he has a bone to pick with the principle and is teaming up with the most talented cheaters in the school with the goal of helping the students who need their services.
Use the secret club room to improve your cheating skills and learn new ones. Make use of available resources to produce powerful gadgets that will give you an even greater edge and show your friends on Facebook and other social networks who the king of all cheats is. Cheats 4 Hire — the new puzzle game from the multiple award-winning developer Travian Games!

Accessible gameplay — Control your three cheats in real time while taking advantage of and combining their individual skills, as teamwork will be essential for success.
Exciting missions — As in real life, missions can be completed with varying degrees of success. Repeat missions as often as you wish to obtain the best possible grade.
Team management — Manage your team, improve existing skills, and level up in order to learn new skills.
Resources — Use resources to create powerful gadgets that add to the fun.
Manage your club room — Expand your club room and unlock achievements in order to obtain special items that you can display in your club room.
Dynamic plot — Keep a close watch over your team’s movements as they uncover the principal’s dark plans. The outcome of the story depends on your skills and results.
Episodes — Cheats 4 Hire will be released in 5 different episodes. Each episode picks up where the last one left off and presents you with new challenges.

Jun 25 2015

Cake Shop 3 [FINAL]

Cake Shop 3 [FINAL]| 63.5 mb
Open up Cake Shops around the world as you expand your global empire in this fast-paced Time Management game! Make delicious desserts for clients all around the world, and find local delights to add to your menu. Learn the tastes of each one of your different customers and think two steps ahead in Cake Shop 3! Create an incredible empire and dominate the market as you upgrade your restaurants and find new items for your kitchen!

*Quick gameplay
*Exciting action
*Take the Cake Shop global!

thanks to velocity

Jun 23 2015

Sweetest Thing [Final Version]

Sweetest Thing [Final Version]

Sweetest Thing
The chocolate fountain in town square has run dry. Gingerbread houses are quickly crumbling. This sweet little town made of gum drops and cake is under siege by an army of ants! Quick! Call the Chief Engineer who's skilled in sugar repair. Rebuild with gum and caramel glue. Reconstruct this cupcake town anew!

Game Features:
- 40+ Challenging Time Management levels
- Eye candy decorations and backgrounds!
- Level boosts
- Play relaxed, multi-click and single click mode!
- Hidden treats inside the levels!

Sweetest Thing [Final Version]
Jun 23 2015

Cookie Domination [FINAL]

Cookie Domination [FINAL]| 65 mb
Conquer the nation one cookie at a time in Cookie Domination, a unique turn-based strategic adventure from Sandlot Games!

When devious new cookie clubs begin selling their sweets to your potential customers, the only way to stop them is by taking back the territories they've captured. Strategically place new recruits, build up your strong-willed army of cookie troops, and dominate enemy neighborhood strongholds.

Choose from five different cookie clubs - Goths, Nerds, Hicks, Cheerleaders, and Jocks - and earn over 15 in-game achievements as you reclaim your territories.

You'll need more than sugar and spice and everything nice to achieve full Cookie Domination!
*5 unique Cookie Clubs
*Turn-based strategy
*Humorous fight scenes
*50 levels of increasingly challenging gameplay
*Earn 17 in-game achievements

Jun 22 2015

Weather Lord Super 4X Pack [FINAL]

Weather Lord Super 4X Pack [FINAL]|1.4 gb

Play Weather Lord Super Pack, and enjoy 4 amazing games in one single download! Take charge of the climate control in a fabulous endeavor to give Mother Nature a well-deserved rest in Weather Lord. Command of the powerful forces of nature as you set the people free in Weather Lord - Hidden Realm, a magical time management challenge.

Get Weather Lord(1), Weather Lord 2 - Hidden Realm, Weather Lord 3 - In Pursuit of the Shaman, and Weather Lord 4 – The Successor’s Path!

Get 4 games in only one download.
Easily switch between the games you want to play.
All Games latest versions/updates

Jun 21 2015

Rescue Team 4 [Updated-Final Version]

Rescue Team 4 [Updated-Final Version]

Rescue Team 4
Mother Nature is no match for the courageous men and women of the Rescue Team! Use your planning skills to figure out the quickest way to remove obstacles, gather resources, and complete the tasks ahead of you.
Rebuild houses and bridges, save people from natural disasters, and stop oil leaks and chemical dumps from ruining land and water. Planes, trains, and other awesome vehicles will be at your disposal to assist in the operations. Best of all: you can work quickly to earn stars or relax and play at your own pace. Either way, there will be plenty of achievements to earn! Join the Rescue Team today, and become the hero the world needs!

UPDATED! New Version - June 9, 2015.
This update includes the following:
- Fixes the progression block at level 47 that previously asked for 22 gallons when only 20 gallons were available.

Game Features:
• 63 levels
• Four vehicles
• Eight natural disasters
• Nine characters

Rescue Team 4 [Updated-Final Version]
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