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Oct 11 2018

Jewel Match Twilight 2 [FINAL]

Razz GAMES / Match3 06:20 20
Jewel Match Twilight 2 [FINAL]
Jewel Match Twilight 2 [FINAL]|184 mb
Make your blood run cold... with this spooky match-3 adventure that will leave your spine tingled and your hairs raised! A scourge has taken over the kingdom, razing its grand strongholds to the ground. Only you can keep the evil at bay. Unveil haunted castles as you traverse the map across the dark land! Explore enormous levels however you choose in one of 3 modes to fit your play style. Play the all new puzzle and crystal levels to unlock minigames including hidden object and jigsaw to earn bonus money and unlock creepy-crawly decorations! Tons of new game play elements like lava vials, conveyor belts, ghost balloons, and more! Enjoy an eerie soundtrack while you explore the huge match-3 levels even further with the optional secret crypts that hold untold riches!

Traverse 90 levels, plus over 50 bonus puzzle and crystal levels!
Timed, relaxed, and move limited modes!
Replayable mini-games games, including jigsaw and hidden object scenes.
Buy dozens of upgrades and power-ups from the shop.
Beautiful wallpapers.
Eerily gorgeous soundtrack.


Oct 06 2018

The Chronicles of King Arthur Episode 1: Excalibur [FINAL]

Razz GAMES / Match3 15:55 18
The Chronicles of King Arthur Episode 1: Excalibur [FINAL]

The Chronicles of King Arthur Episode 1: Excalibur [FINAL]|243 mb
For years, King Uther Pendragon reigned in peace. Now he has been betrayed, his throne stolen by a usurper whose dark pact allows him to terrorize the kingdom and oppress its people. No one can stand against him.

The wizard Merlin sets out from the castle, because only he knows Uther's secret: that the Pendragon line lives on through an illegitimate child somewhere in the countryside. If Merlin can find him, they might still have a chance.

And in a remote village far from the castle, a boy named Arthur has begun a rebellion against the false king.

An exciting story inspired by Arthurian legend
A journey that will take you from a tiny village to the castle itself, spread across five chapters
74 challenging match-3 puzzles
20 upgrades to unlock in Arthur's quest to defeat the usurper


Sep 21 2018

Sir Match-a-Lot [SEPT 20 UPDATE FINAL]

Razz GAMES / Match3 01:17 11
Sir Match-a-Lot [SEPT 20 UPDATE FINAL]

Sir Match-a-Lot [SEPT 20 UPDATE FINAL]| 238 MB
Strap on your sword and grab your shield, it's knight time! Travel to faraway locations with your Match 3 skills to battle menacing monsters and powerful gatekeepers in this puzzle challenge!

click + to see update list

Complete puzzles in a Kingdom, The Green Hills, and MORE!
Battle with tough bosses and get help from fireflies

UPDATE! New world available for Sir Match-a-Lot! (PC) - September 20-2018
Hi Razzlofans!
Exciting news! A new version of Sir Match-a-Lot is ready!
This update includes the following:
New stability updates
new Ahoy Matey event!

UPDATE! New world available for Sir Match-a-Lot! (PC) - Aug 2nd 2018
Hi Razzlofans!
Exciting news! A new version of Sir Match-a-Lot is ready!
This update includes the following:
-new updated 3rd world bonus
-fixes bugs and problems with game
-adds 3 new outfits as well as new suprises!

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Sep 19 2018

Gems of Magic: Lost Family [FINAL]

Velo GAMES / Match3 07:13 17
Gems of Magic: Lost Family [FINAL]

Gem's of Magic: Lost Family [FINAL][FINAL]|58 mb
This magic and beautiful game allow you take a look on Enchanted Forest, were many magic creatures live peacefully. But now Magic creatures were in trouble. Hurricane took the Fuzzy family and he must find them! Can you help the magic creature to save his family in this incredible adventure?

Unique features of the game
Beautiful hand-drawn graphics
Enchanted atmosphere of an magic tale world
90 challenging levels.
Magic, absorbing soundtrack
Powerful boosters
A magic enemy, which try to block you during play
Family game, suitable for children
Number of levels, power ups, bosses, hours of gameplay, etc.
90 levels


Sep 18 2018

Creative Trio [v.Final]

leegt GAMES / Match3 07:44 3
Creative Trio [v.Final]

Creative Trio
Pack up for an elementary Match-3 tour!
Experience the miracle of creation at first hand and join the ingenious trio on their speedy tour of invention! Fire, water, air - these are the contrasting elements that can create anything! Combine the Match-3 trio with caution, unleash their unique powers and create a colourful world of your phantasy! Are you up for this elementary challenge?
Fire, water, air: Match the ingenious elements of creation in this first-class Match-3 spectacle and invent the world!

Game Features:
• 100 colourful levels all about the basic elements
• Wonderful graphics and animations
• 40 new elements to be created by you
• Funny and lively elements that you need to match

Sep 17 2018

Cat and Ghosts {v.Final}

leegt GAMES / Match3 06:44 4
Cat and Ghosts {v.Final}

Cat and Ghosts
Assemble the collection and set the little ghosts free in the game Cat and Ghosts! Enjoy the exciting puzzle with a new gameplay that is similar to match 3 and 2048 puzzles. Lots of unforgettable adventures are waiting for you: all you need to do is to save harmless and little ghosts from the angry blue cat. Help the cute ghosts escape from the cat in the game Cat and Ghosts! Check your strategic skills and enjoy the amazing game Cat and Ghosts!

Game Features:
• 150 Levels
• Cute characters
• Nice storyline

Sep 14 2018

Sweet Clouds [v.Final]

leegt GAMES / Match3 19:05 4
Sweet Clouds [v.Final]

Sweet Clouds
Travel to the cloud lands and help deliver mail!
Somebody broke all the weather machinery: popcorn rains and gingerbread thunderstorms are out of their season, wind fans don't work and caramel rainbows are in disorder... Mail delivery is impossible in such conditions! Postman Jim and his talking plane Tornado decide to fix it and find out the reason of all that mess. Help them get through bad weather conditions! You will find parcels scattered all around the lands and deliver them to their addressees!

Game Features:
- 100 challenging match 3 levels
- 50 quests described as riddles
- Lots of boosters and their combinations
- Relaxed and Limited moves modes
- Colorful graphics and beautiful effects
- Touching story

Sep 12 2018

Angkor 2: Runefall {v.Final}

leegt GAMES / Match3 10:49 6
Angkor 2: Runefall {v.Final}

Angkor 2: Runefall
When the sudden catastrophe struck the hidden village of magicians, they turned to the only person in the village capable of using the ancient runes to cast magic: a bright, young, mage apprentice. Can you uncover the secret behind the catastrophe, brave the hidden dangers, save the village, and reach the happy ending?

Game Features:
• Engaging gem matching gameplay
• Easy to pick up and play
• Explore 9 beautiful locations

Sep 09 2018

Duskless: The Clockwork Army [v.Final]

leegt GAMES / Match3 08:53 9
Duskless: The Clockwork Army [v.Final]

Duskless: The Clockwork Army
Rise up against robot troops that are crushing the kingdom you love in this thrilling match-three steampunk adventure! Can you stop the onslaught and restore Etherpoint City to its former glory? Rise up against robot troops that are crushing the kingdom you love in this thrilling match-three steampunk adventure! Follow the gripping story of Hiro, chief inventor of King William and Etherpoint City, as he devises the means to protect his home from the destructive machines of his predecessor, Professor Bazel. The professor grew jealous as Hiro gained the king's favor and swore to claim Etherpoint for himself. Use your matching skills to complete tasks in Timed or Relaxed mode. Upgrade bonuses like the Hammer and the Lightning Gun to improve your chances of success. And exterminate spiders and other deadly enemies in your quest to defeat Bazel.
Can you stop the onslaught and restore Etherpoint City to its former glory?

Sep 07 2018

Autumn in France [v.Final]

leegt GAMES / Match3 20:23 17
Autumn in France [v.Final]

Autumn in France
After touring Japan and Italy, it's time to travel to France for a Match 3 adventure of a lifetime! Follow an American journalist on her journey and be there when she develops a secret crush. See this romantic story unravel and learn more about the mystery person. Enjoy the trip through this fascinating country and accomplish many tasks along the way. Visit Normandy, Provence, Champagne and Paris while completing fun Match 3, spot the difference, hidden object, and coloring levels. There’s nothing quite as romantic as France in the autumn.

Game Features:
• Four romantic chapters
• 80 exciting Match 3 levels and 16 Minigames
• Choose one of 3 modes of difficulty
• Collect French fragrances

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