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Jan 30 2019

Quadrium 3 [FINAL]

Razz GAMES / Match3 08:31 8
Quadrium 3 [FINAL]
Quadrium 3 [FINAL]|119 mb
One day, an old wizard was returning to his hut through a forest. He’d gotten so tired on the way that he didn’t notice a potion falling out of his bag. An ancient magic burst forth, and in the blink of an eye, the whole tree was covered in ice. Help the dwellers of this tree return to their home in this new addition to the Quadrium series.

- More bonuses and obstacles
- New mini-game
- Magnificent graphics
- Play Relaxed or Challenge modes


Jan 30 2019

The Seven Chambers [FINAL]

The Seven Chambers [FINAL]

The Seven Chambers [FINAL]|525 mb

The Seven Chambers is a Hidden Object game with beautiful visuals and an intriguing story.
The Cosmos turned the fate of the Earth’s inhabitants every day.

Elasaid didn’t believe in astrology but the force of the planets and constellations entered into her life and many previous lives regardless of what she thought.
After getting hit by a blast in the London riots she falls into a coma. In the coma’s sub-conscious she experiences a past life as a Highland Warrior where, after reading a passage of ancient text from a magic book, an underworld portal opens.
Terrifying clawed beasts, the Flying Furies, clutch Elasaid and throw her through this first portal of The Seven Chambers.

Her only escape is to navigate her way to the Seventh Chamber in time for the rising of the phoenix along the passageways and chambers for the souls of the dead.
Along the way she battles with fallen angels, jealous planets, tricky alchemists and manipulative lost souls.
Overcoming the darkness in the chambers opens her heart to a lost soul, but the lost soul has been sentenced to spend eternity in the chambers.
What will prevail; her love for the lost soul or her desire for freedom?

Become Elasaid and battle to change your destiny within The Seven Chambers by mastering the karmic influence of the planets and the mysterious paths of the alchemists.
Find the pieces of a past life, overcome the planets and learn alchemists' secrets in an intriguing story fully voiced and with beautiful cinematics.
Find clues in beautiful and strange sceneries
Hunt for the 4 great powers


Jan 29 2019

Macabre Ring 2: Mysterious Puppeteer [v.Final]

leegt GAMES / Match3 09:10 7
Macabre Ring 2: Mysterious Puppeteer [v.Final]

Macabre Ring 2: Mysterious Puppeteer
Smith and Andy decide to get back to the case of the Macabre Ring as they still don't know who kidnapped some people in Berkshire. Somebody is working against them, and they must find out who it is. The investigation becomes more complicated when they learn they are fighting against powerful magicians... Will they be able to solve the mystery and close the case? You can find out only if you join the adventure!

Game Features:
- 150 exciting Match 3 and Hidden Object levels
- Investigation board helps you remember previous clues
- Help Smith and Andy destroy all the horrible dummies
- Solve the case of the Macabre Ring

Jan 28 2019

PuppetShow 9: Her Cruel Collection Collector's Edition [FINAL] (2016)

Razz GAMES 16:30 12
PuppetShow 9: Her Cruel Collection Collector's Edition [FINAL] (2016)

PuppetShow 9: Her Cruel Collection Collector's Edition [FINAL]|947.72 mb
proudly presents the newest addition to the Puppet Show series!

You’ve been called in to investigate the disappearance of a young woman’s fiancé. What starts as a simple investigation quickly takes a dark turn as you’re thrown into a world of puppets and mystery. In a world where no one is who they seem to be, can you uncover who’s behind the string of mysterious kidnappings? Find out in this gripping hidden-object puzzle adventure!

This is a special release full of exclusive extras you won't find in the standard.
The Collector's Edition features:
Learn just how far you'd go for love in the bonus game.
Find hidden puppets to add to your collection.
Reference the in-depth strategy guide.
Strive to earn a variety of fun achievements.
Includes wallpapers, artwork, soundtrack, and replayable HOPs and mini-games.


Jan 28 2019


adteam GAMES / Action 16:26 0
ELEX (2017) PLAZA |Size: 27.35 GB
Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG,
Developer: Piranha Bytes
Publisher: THQ Nordic
Release Date: 17 Oct, 2017
Languages: English*,Multi

Jan 28 2019

Legend of Rome The Wrath of Mars-RAZOR

minhchick GAMES 15:14 1
Legend of Rome The Wrath of Mars-RAZOR

Legend of Rome The Wrath of Mars-RAZOR
English | Size: 185.93 MB
Category: Tutorial

The Roman people hilariously celebrated the glorious victories of the last battles. In doing so they honored a simple warrior more than the god of war itself. Therefore the angered god of war Mars sends his army and brings great disaster on to the Roman city. Experience a challenging match 3 game and appease Mars the god of war! Build and restore the proud city in its old splendor. Enjoy an exciting story, earn bonuses, power ups and trophies solve mini-games and extra levels to get closer to your goal
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