Art By Numbers 7 [FINAL]

Art By Numbers 7 [FINAL]|260 mb

Art By Numbers is not just painting game. It is an entire world of wonderful paintings, elegant curves and bright colours. Now, only your desire is enough to become a creator! Select the colour, find the right number and fill the image with bright paints. Complete incredible works of art and become the artist!

- 72 delightful paintings.
- Use the pointed brush to paint applying color with brush strokes.
- Switch between textured painting and flat coloring.
- Free coloring mode in which you can colorize the picture with colors of your choice.




Pixel Art 24 [FINAL]

Pixel Art 24 [FINAL]|48 mb
It's back again! The next installment in the smash hit series returns! Find out why painting has never been easier! Pixel Art is back once again with the next exciting chapter in the Pixel Art Series! Pixel Art 24! Painting has never been easier! No stress of picking up colors. Just relax and enjoy! Choose from a variaty of super fun images and follow the numbers to bring them to life.

- Enjoy Pixel Art 24 - The 24rd Installement in the smash hit series!
- 100+ amazing pictures
- Fill area tool to help you complete picture
- Get hours of relaxation and fun!


Fantasy Mosaics 43: Haunted Forest [BFG FINAL]

Fantasy Mosaics 43: Haunted Forest [BFG FINAL]|124 mb
The Penguins are already heading out for their next adventure. This time, they’re going berry picking in the woods. When they come across an unknown and creepy forest path they discover a new quest full of spooky mosaics puzzle fun!

A variety of gameplay choices!
New mini games
Zen mode and secret colors!
Puzzles based on logic


Dracula Solitaire [UPDATED FINAL]               HAPPY HALLOWEEN FROM RAZZ

Dracula Solitaire [FINAL]|130 mb
Challenging and engrossing rendition of everyone's favorite card game Solitaire. Vampires, werewolves, orcs, sorcerers and people live in peace and harmony in a town for 200 years. But once the bicentennial agreement was broken up. Who dares to do this and why? Help the vampire Grigo to find the culprit and restore balance between people and otherworldly beings! The card game solitaire consists in clearing the board by taking a card that is one above or below than the card on the deck. Enjoy addictive gameplay, excellent graphics, a lot of skill levels and thrilling story!

- Classic solitaire gameplay
- Help the Vampire Grigo solve the mystery!
- Collect powerups to help you on the way



Travel Mosaics 13: Spectacular Amsterdam [FINAL]

Travel Mosaics 13: Spectacular Amsterdam [FINAL]|91 mb
The Walkers invite you to join their incredible strolling through picturesque canal streets of Amsterdam. The animal family will share the secrets and will tell you a lot of interesting facts about the most fascinating and famous landmarks of the capital of the Netherlands.

Where in Amsterdam can you see Rembrandt's painting “The Night Watch” or Picasso’s sculpture “The Fish?” What is “Crazy Jaap?” Are there any palm trees and jungle vines in the Museum of the Tropics? Learn this and much more as you play!

“Travel Mosaics” series is coming back in its improved format! You will appreciate the stunning graphics and visual effects, calm and relaxing music, and a huge choice of tiles!

The game includes 140 “nonogram” puzzles (also known as Picross or Griddlers). However, compared to the classic nonograms, the “Travel Mosaics” puzzles are color-coded. Each puzzle contains a hidden semi-abstract image that can be disclosed by your logical manner of thinking.

“Travel Mosaics” is an amazing brain-jogging and edutainment game for all ages! Start your journey to Amsterdam with the Walkers right now!

A gorgeous virtual tour in Amsterdam, showing its top attractions
Play in both night and day modes. Change the look of the background and tiles as you like. Pick among 12 types of tiles and 12 background patterns.
Funny and educative dialogs of your favorite characters
4 difficulty modes from single color relaxed playing to real challenges with color switching (up to 6 colors) and intuitive zen mode.
100 color-coded nonograms, plus 40 extra nonograms.
Enigmatic semi-abstract festive images to be disclosed on each level
A heap of fun and a good deal of beauty

THANKS TO razz games

Paint by Numbers 13 [FINAL] 2020

Paint by Numbers 13 [FINAL]|62 mb

Painting has never been easier! No stress of picking up colors. Just relax and enjoy! Choose from a variaty of super fun images and follow the numbers to bring them to life.

- 64 amazing pictures
- Get hours of relaxation and fun!


Mystic Escape:  Diary of a Prisoner [FINAL] 2020

Mystic Escape: Diary of a Prisoner [FINAL]|60 mb
Embark on a new adventure full of challenging puzzles in a Japanese style setting. Enjoy the new room escape experience on a mystic island by solving difficult puzzles surrounded by beautiful scenery.
Immerse yourself into this deep intriguing story. Find cryptic hidden objects and clues on the island that will lead you to great escape or, perhaps, to something even more special.

Waking up in a boat in the middle of the ocean, you realize that you have lost your memories. In the distance you can only see an island and the answer is somewhere faraway. It feels like in a prison here. Sometimes you see the silhouette of a beautiful girl and she is leading you somewhere.
But there are puzzles blocking the way and something sinister wants to stop you.
Take the challenge and untangle the knot of your lost memories to restore the diary of events happened on the island.
The levels are full of challenging and logic puzzles. This captivating and mysterious 3D faraway world in Japan setting will bring you a lot of fun for many hours.
Follow the notes left by a mystery person to find the answers. There is something deep inside your memories that will help you to solve the puzzles of this island. The clue is in the past and this is the path to future and its secrets. Become a witness to incredible events. Find all the hidden clues to make the right choice.




Mad Dojo [FINAL] 2020

Mad Dojo [FINAL]|62 mb
Are you mad enough to prove your ninja skills in Mad Dojo? You’ll get a lot of headache and break a gamepad until you master insanely difficult obstacles, impress Sensei and earn his daughter’s sympathies! But we warn you - we don’t take wimpy players! Just do it!

Mad Dojo is an obstacle based skill platformer where you have to jump, dash and shoot in order to pass each obstacle and trap. From colorful plains to harsh mountains, from swinging tires to pools of acid and spiked bamboos of death, you will have to give your best to pass insanely difficult levels, or die trying.
This is the game with one reward and a lot of ways to die. Are you up to the challenge?

Fast paced action
Use the combination of running, jumping, dashing and using weapons to pass the obstacles
Skill platformer with more than one way to pass each obstacle
Bloody traps
Four beautiful Japan inspired locations
60 gamepad breaking levels


My Jigsaw Adventures 3: The Source of Power [FINAL]

My Jigsaw Adventures - The Source of Power[FINAL]|237.5 mb
After facing extinction a few hundred years ago, Humanity is rising again. But the old enemy is back and, as a Royal Archivist, you must find answers. How did Humanity defeat them in the past? What is "The Source of Power" the enemy is seeking and - more importantly - where is it?

A new adventure in a new theme: Space
Complete hand-painted jigsaw puzzles made by a professional artist - no photo stock
All jigsaws available in 5 different sizes: 28, 112, 220, 500 or 1000 pieces
Lots of puzzle settings to play the way you want (grid, background color/image, pieces outline...)
Unique music especially made for each puzzle
3 different modes - 45 puzzles to complete
STORY MODE: A new original and incredible story made of 20 unique puzzles.
BLITZ MODE: Finish extraordinary puzzles before they vanish! 10 to complete!
CHALLENGE MODE: Get out your comfort zone and solve 15 unique challenges with different rules!
The third episode of the series
The series continues with a new game in a new universe!




Zombie Bowl-O-Rama [FINAL]

Zombie Bowl-O-Rama [FINAL]|35 MB
The Zombies have taken over your favorite lanes in Zombie Bowl-O-Rama, and it’s up to you to send 'em back to the graveyard where they belong! Select a colorful character to take on the attacking Zombies with your favorite ball and a few tricks and treats.

Give a whole new meaning to Zombie strike when you set 'em up and take 'em down with cool power ups and tricky obstacles in Zombie Bowl-O-Rama!

Hilarious powerups
Colorful characters
Bowl or beware!

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