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May 28 2016

Tales from the Void-POSTMORTEM

Tales from the Void-POSTMORTEM
Size: 886 MB


Tales from the Void-POSTMORTEM

Tales from the Void-POSTMORTEM

“R.C. Halahan, commander of HMS E18 had his future told by a local woman prior to this last patrol. She told him he was in grave danger, this affected the superstitious Halahan” -Francis Goodhart, commander of HMS E8 (Wikipedia)

June 1916, in the midst of WWI, the English submarine HMS E18 mysteriously disappeared while on a mission in the frigid, brackish waters of the Baltic Sea. In 2009 the wreckage of the submarine was finally found. But what really happened to the crew of HMS E18?

Prepare yourself for a novel gameplay experience, inspired by a true story.
Tales from the Void is an atmospheric real time tactics game inspired by the sci fi adventure stories of the early 20th century.

Travel back to a time of adventure, heroism and mystery as Edwin Albert Taylor Bragg, the British captain of the HMS E18. You’re on a secret mission in German waters, with an advanced experimental weapon meant to obliterate the Germans and win the war for the allies. But when the weapon misfires, you and your crew are warped through space into an alien asteroid field. Food is scarce, air supply is low and time is running out. It’s a desperate struggle for survival. Starving and cold, you have to equip your marines and venture out into the asteroid field to scavenge resources and fight off hostile creatures while trying to find a way home. Can you escape the void?

Full bike control including leaning or wheelies.


Customize and Control your crew of hardy marines to explore the asteroids around you and fight the ever-present alien menace.
Play in real-time or slow down time to plan your movements and make coordinated attacks.
Physics based movement and combat in low-G environment
Go on scavenge missions, gathers supplies and acquires the means to get back home – before time and resources run out or all your marines are dead.
Play a extensive single-player campaign with semi-randomized missions and an ongoing narrative.
Rogue-inspired structure – try, fail, unlock equipment, retry and improve, until you find a way home.

Genre: Action, Indie, Strategy
Developer: PortaPlay
Publisher: Black Dog




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