Travel To Canada [UPDATE FINAL]

Travel To Canada [UPDATE FINAL]|67 mb
This time the Hudson family is off to explore their next-door neighbor - Canada!

- Explore Canada with the Hudson family
- Visit more than 10 cities throughout Canada
- Over 1000 hidden objects
- Five game modes including new mirror mode
- New mini-game
- Stunning detailed graphics with zoom feature


Nightmare on the Pacific Collector's Edition [FINAL]

Nightmare on the Pacific Collector's Edition [FINAL] | 210 mb

The Brooks family boarded The Neptune hoping for a relaxing family adventure. What they got was more than just an adventure, but a harrowing experience of disaster and close calls. They also got a mother's perseverance to save her family when the perfect combination of storm, shoddy construction and bad judgement turns The Neptune into a ship-splitting disaster. What they didn't expect was that would be what would bring them closer together than they'd ever thought possible.
This is a special full of exclusive extras you won't find in the standard.

*50+ Nail-Biting Scenes
*Breathtaking Adventure
*Heroic Puzzles
*Cinema Gameplay and Cutscenes
*Extra Information

**New Alternate Ending
**Bonus Prequel Chapter
**Integrated Strategy Guide


2010 TAC-CM
The Emerald Maiden: Symphony of Dreams Collector's Edition {v.Final}

The Emerald Maiden: Symphony of Dreams
Collector's Edition
After being abandoned at an orphanage 25 years prior, you've received an invitation to meet your biological mother aboard an underwater dream facility, a playground for the rich and elite, designed to simulate dreams. Powered by an ancient technology, the machine holds many dark secrets and surprises. Set off on a quest to free your family, challenge the evil spirit, and escape the Emerald Maiden before it self-destructs!

Collector's Edition Features:
• Uncover Dream Corporation's plans in the bonus chapter
• Find all of the hidden collectables
• Wallpapers, concept art, movies and biographies
• Integrated Strategy Guide

Montgomery Fox and the Case Of The Diamond Necklace [FINAL]

Montgomery Fox and the Case Of The Diamond Necklace [FINAL]|194 mb

Toad & Toad insurance" is in trouble! Lord Raccoon's diamond necklace has been stolen! The police are helpless, and the payout could bankrupt the company. There's only one person who can help them: Montgomery Fox, PI.
To him, this looks like a simple case, but he’s about to find out that the country folk are not so simple.
60 levels with 800 hidden objects

Mini games with multiple enticing variations
Beautiful artwork
Captivating story


Vacation Paradise: California Collector's Edition [BFG update FINAL]

Vacation Paradise: California Collector's Edition [update FINAL]|350 mb

Vacation Paradise - California paves the way for a stunning trip across the Golden State. Find treasures and trivia hidden across more than 100 gorgeous Hidden Object levels. Visit the expansive Catalina Islands, scorching-hot Death Valley, the Golden Gate Bridge, Napa Valley, and more in this GameHouse Premiere Exclusive. Book a trip for Vacation Paradise - California today!

Discover the beauty of California.
Find hidden objects across more than 100 fun levels.
Learn fun trivia about locations you visit.
Visit Palm Springs, the Golden Gate Bridge, and more!
Bonus gameplay!
14 additional scene locations to explore!


Ki11er Clutter: Clutter 11 [UPDATED FINAL]

Ki11er Clutter: Clutter 11 [FINAL]|465 mb
Find matching sets of objects from a pile of assorted items in this challenging quest' tenth sequel.
By far, the most challenging and exciting Clutter ever. Totally deserving of the name Ki11er Clutter. So many new variations and play styles intermixed with your favorites.

144 Levels to the quest.
puzzles,puzzles, puzzles!
Colorful graphics
Hours of game play
Timed and Untimed modes


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