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Jan 29 2018

Oracle Coherence 3.5

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Oracle Coherence 3.5
Aleksandar Seovic,‎ Mark Falco,‎ Patrick Peralta, "Oracle Coherence 3.5"
English | ISBN: 1847196128 | 2010 | EPUB/MOBI/Code files | 408 pages | 24 MB


This title covers Coherence features progressively, from simple to more advanced topics, and provides best-practice guidance on when and how to use each. Numerous examples are provided throughout the book that will help you become familiar with Coherence APIs. You will also be able to reuse many of the sample classes or mini-frameworks encapsulating Coherence best practice and providing missing features directly within your own applications. This should significantly increase your productivity when developing Coherence applications. Finally, a sample application that you can download from the companion web site will show you how to use Coherence as part of the broader infrastructure stack, including Spring Framework and Hibernate, as well as how to access Coherence from a WPF-based .NET desktop application. This book is written for architects and developers responsible for the design and development of Internet or Enterprise applications (web-based or otherwise) that need to scale to support a large number of simultaneous users, while at the same time providing fast response times and high availability. The book assumes a solid knowledge of Java, and a familiarity with Domain Driven Design (DDD) is helpful.


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