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Aug 01 2018


Razz GAMES 16:02 4
ok I get a lot of messages about "this file has a virus" well *news flash* I do not post malware but many think that something fishy is going on because their antivirus product says something is going on this is called a false positve. But HOW can you use this file (usually an exe file) if your AV (antivirus) keeps deleting it on you?

first you need to understand that if I post something that seems "fishy" it is a false positive read here before reading on:

for this tutorial I will be using a free trial of AVG INTERNET SECURITY

so you have a game maybe you downloaded the version of Delicious 17 that used the gamefixer.exe file >

Ok so first of all you got a game and you install it or extract it or whatever and there are file(s) missing.

First of all you bring up AVG main window and go to OPTIONS > VIRUS VAULT

In there it will show all the files that your AVG quarantined as POSSIBLE infections most likely you will see the file or files that were mistakenly removed from your game folder.

ok next fiind as shown:


next click exceptions >add exception >(pretty simple stuff)

choose exception type (Application or file)

then you can add gamefixer.exe to the list of exceptions and AVG will not flag or remove this file and you will be able to use it just fine.

you can also use this if AVG "decides" that your favorite pirate site is unsafe (even though you know it is ok) instead of choosing Application or file choose URL and put in the url that is offending AVG.

and it is really that simple.


Microsoft security essentials (MSE)/windows defender:



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29 May 2019 23:49 EDITOR 
I know you guys can figure this out this is not nearly as hard as the 3 poles and arrange the rings minigame!

just follow the instructions if you need help, ASK for it.
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reminder to update winrar: (5.3 or newer) >>you can find out what version you are using by opening a rar file>>click help>>about winrar

If you would like to send me a donation, donations are currently open~ just send Razz a private message for the information on how,


30 May 2019 20:42 Member
my antivirus program is Mcafee no AVG or options for me to do this cant you please just give us a version that does not need doing anything to it like in the past would be great if you could waiting and hoping thank you Razz for everything


30 May 2019 20:53 Member
Halo im using windows defender and the options are diferent. Any sugastions?


7 June 2019 15:54 Member
Razz I did everything with the anti virus but still does not work please help or try to give us a version that works without problems PLEASE AND THANK YOU HOPİNG AND WAİTİNG


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