Sharksinger - Jay Aspen

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Sharksinger - Jay Aspen

Sharksinger - Jay Aspen
epub | 436.44 KB | English | Isbn:B08B8ZFKGN |
Author: Jay Aspen | PAge: 161 | Year: 2020


Hannik's dream is to hone her skills and be accepted into the elite Order of Webdancers, who patrol the wild regions of Primae IV, ensuring that the planet's powerful resonance is undisturbed by human activity. When she is tricked into illegal gun-running and finds herself in the middle of a gang war, her plans get diverted into tracking down the sinister cabal plotting to overthrow the government. Of course. working with the gorgeous Severin and his contacts in the administration's secret service does help. But when she discovers she's about to join the shark-team to ride into a deadly battle, the stakes get higher than she expected. 

Category:Teen & Young Adult Space Opera eBooks, Teen & Young Adult Sci-Fi Action & Adventure eBooks, Teen & Young Adult Epic Fantasy eBooks


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