Indian Polity and Constitution

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Indian Polity and Constitution
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What you'll learn

Indian Polity and Constitution
Basic Understanding of India
India is the world's largest democracy with a population of more than 1.2 billion people. This course will make you study the three pillars of democracy i.e. Legislature, Executive and Judiciary. The course has been designed to make learning not only effective but also interesting.

Starting with the historical context of how Britishers came to India and how slowly and steadily they ruled the entire country, their impact on the people of India and its Economy. The formation of the constituent assembly and the constitution itself will make you feel proud of all the Freedom fighters. The fight of Indians before and after Independence till date has been full of challenges and opportunities.

The course will cover in detail the concept of Constitutional Framework, System of Government, Constitutional and Non-Constitutional bodies etc. It will make your journey of learning Indian Polity and Constitution the most memorable and enriching.

Who this course is for:
Any Student or learner




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