Private Contact 3.5.2 macOS

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Private Contact 3.5.2 macOS
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Private Contact is an application to manage an always-encrypted address book to protect your privacy and keep your contacts really private.

Data are organised using a master-and-details interface, which is very easy to use. Custom colour categories can be associated with contacts to categorise them. Everything can be sorted by name, company, or category. Search can be performed via a combination of keyword and category. Colour labels inside the view can be totally customised by the user. Custom colour categories can be created, modified, and assigned by the user at any .


Import from the Address Book

Import from any text in CSV and TSV format

Export to TSV, CSV, Html table, web pages, custom format with custom tags.

Easy to use interface

No learning period required

Very secure AES-256 encryption algorithm. No one can decrypt your own data.

Very fast. Encryption saving and decryption opening is almost instantaneous

Instant lock with a click

Rock solid native macOS algorithm to encrypt and decrypt. This is a native Mac only app.

Contact can be sorted and filtered

Powerful category concept

Uses a standard macOS toolbar to manage frequent task

Customisable colored categories

Search and sort by category and name or company and all the content inside

Includes an embedded PDF user guide

macOS full featured complaint with Resume, Auto Save, Versions, Full screen

macOS 10.10 or later





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