Lowepost - 3D Environments in Davinci Fusion

Neco_ 12 Apr 2021 09:15 SOFTWARE

Lowepost - 3D Environments in Davinci Fusion
Lowepost - 3D Environments in Davinci Fusion

In this course, our instructor Lee Lanier discusses the 3D environment provided by Resolve Fusion. He demonstrates how to set up a basic 3D scene, add and import models, assign materials and textures, add and adjust lights, and how to combine to the 3D scene with 2D parts of the Fusion flow.

Lessons overview
01: Introduction
02: Importing and relinking
03: Creating a 3D scene
04: Adding primitive meshes
05: Importing meshes
06: Adding materials and meshes
07: Adding 3D lights
08: Casting shadows
09: 3D reflections
10: Material inputs
11: Complex meshes and mesh tools
12: Remapping UVs
13: Multiplanning
14: Projecting matte paintings
15: Using other mesh types
16: Animating in 3D
17: Spherical background and cameras
18: Combining 3D and 2D

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