Bone Rattle by Marc Cameron

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Bone Rattle by Marc Cameron

Bone Rattle by Marc Cameron
epub | 996.82 KB | English | Isbn:B08P4CHZT6 | Author: Marc Cameron | PAge: 313 | Year: 2021


From the New York Times bestselling author of Tom Clancy: Code of Honor.
In the icy heart of Alaska, a series of gruesome murders leads Deputy US Marshal Arliss Cutter into a firestorm of searing corruption, clashing cultures, and bone-chilling fear...
In Juneau, a young archeologist is sent to protect the ancient burial sites uncovered by an Alaskan gold mining company. He never returns.
In Anchorage, a female torso - minus head, hands, and feet - is washed ashore near a jogging trail by the airport. It is not the first.
At Alaska's Fugitive Task Force, Arliss Cutter and deputy Lola Teariki are pulled from their duties and sent to a federal court in Juneau to keep track of sequestered jurors in a high-profile drug trial.
When a prosecuting attorney is murdered - and a reporter viciously attacked - Cutter realizes they're dealing with something darker. The truth lies deep within the ancient...

Category:Technothrillers, Technothrillers, Serial Killers


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