MAR 05 2017

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Jul 21 2017

Tank Assault X [FINAL]

Tank Assault X [FINAL]
Tank Assault X [FINAL]|45 MB

Tank Assault X is a hardcore, classic tank arcade game where logic has an important role in how you play the game. Get ready for an experience where it isn’t enough to just be able to move or shoot quickly to survive battles. In Tank Assault X, tactics play an equally important role as your ability to mash those buttons to move your tank around the level! Campaign on six different planets as you battle your way through more than a 100 challenging levels, so get ready for the real fight!

You will face different kinds of enemy tanks, ranging from small-sized scouts to massive, assault monster-tanks. Be on the lookout for stealth tanks as they might sneak up behind you, invisible, and try to take your tank down. To aid you in the battle for your survival, you have the ability to collect weapons as well as bonuses to increase your firepower along with your armour levels.

by iwin games

Jul 20 2017

Ashton's Family Resort [FINAL]

Ashton's Family Resort [FINAL]

Ashton's Family Resort [FINAL]|50 MB
Ashtons: Family Resort! It's time for managing your own resort and becoming rich!
Build your own bustling, family-friendly resort in this exciting new Time Management game! Use thrilling upgrades and unique design choices to draw in droves of vacationers to several colorful locations. Keep your guests smiling and you just might win the grand Resort Contest! Entertain your inner entrepreneur with Ashtons: Family Resort!
Colorful levels
Fascinating mini-games
Build a great resort!

thanx to TAC-CM
Jul 14 2017

Hoyle Enchanted Puzzles [FINAL]

Hoyle Enchanted Puzzles [FINAL]

Hoyle Enchanted Puzzles [FINAL]
Hoyle Enchanted Puzzles [FINAL]| 45 MB
Help a young impressionable apprentice become a great wizard in Hoyle Enchanted Puzzles. Seek out the Mistress of Skye and other mentors in an array of mini-games including match-3, solitaire, mahjong, and more. Increase your sorcery skills and attain points while encountering the Gnome King, the RuneMaster, and others. Your destiny as a powerful wizard is tied to the decisions you make in the games you pick to play.
Amazing puzzle adventure.
Whimsical characters.
Test your wizardry!

Hoyle Enchanted Puzzles [FINAL]
released 2008

Jul 14 2017

Secret Investigations 2: Nemesis [FINAL]

Secret Investigations 2: Nemesis [FINAL]
Secret Investigations 2: Nemesis [UPDATED FINAL]|588 MB
Secret Investigations 2: Nemesis is an exciting and enticing multilevel detective game. Confronted with 10 incredibly intricate cases - the culprits tried hard to cover their tracks, and left little evidence at the crime scenes - it's up to you to use logical thinking, pay attention to details, and have a sharp eye for noticing clues. Challenge yourself with Secret Investigations - Nemesis.
Secret Investigations 2: Nemesis [FINAL]
play over 600 beautiful Hidden Object scenes
meet attractive characters, each with their own fascinating life
enjoy more than 8 hours of gameplay
earn 18 achievements throughout the game


Jun 29 2017

Enchanted Fairy Friends: Secret of the Fairy Queen [FINAL]

Enchanted Fairy Friends: Secret of the Fairy Queen [FINAL]

Enchanted Fairy Friends: Secret of the Fairy Queen [FINAL]
Enchanted Fairy Friends: Secret of the Fairy Queen [FINAL]|69 MB
Wave your magic wand and enter Woodland. The mysterious Fairy Queen has made an appearance promising to reveal a secret, but first you must guess her name. Search for eight beautiful fairies from the Rose Queen`s court, each fairy holds a piece of the puzzle. Get hints by way of fairy dust in Enchanted Fairy Friends: Secret of the Fairy Queen, a mesmerizing Hidden Object game.

Magical Hidden Object game
Enchanting puzzles
Find the fairies!

2008 TAC-CM

Jun 08 2017

Dora, Diego & a Bit of Bob (52 X Kids Games!)

Dora, Diego & a Bit of Bob   (52 X Kids Games!)

Dora, Diego & a Bit of Bob
Kids Educational Games
(52 X Kids Games) The largest Kids Games pack on the Net!

This is a Huge All-In-One - full of kids games with Dora the Explorer, Bob the Builder & Diego.
I made this collection with my daughter, who is a big Dora fan but also loves Bob the Builder & Diego.
This is a 'Must Have' for your Children/Grand Children!

Dora, Diego & a Bit of Bob   (52 X Kids Games!)

Dora, Diego & a Bit of Bob   (52 X Kids Games!)
Jun 02 2017

Zarya-1: Mystery On The Moon [FINAL]

Zarya-1: Mystery On The Moon [FINAL]
Zarya-1: Mystery On The Moon [FINAL]|125 MB
Zarya - 1 is a survival text based quest with elements of science fiction, horror, and occasional humor. In this game you will be able to alter the story by making choices, creating your very own adventure.

If you liked Alien, Dead Space and Lifeline - you'll love this.
In 2021 humankind received a distress signal from the far side of the Moon, and immediately sent four brave people to investigate its source. You will be monitoring the astronauts and make decisions that will directly impact the story and the characters. Each choice may lead you closer to - or farther from - the truth.
Mind-shattering atmosphere, a mix of sci-fi and horror in the veins of Alien and Prometheus, spiced up with the occasional joke
Communicate with the astronauts in real time
Influence the story by making your own decisions
There are multiple endings, including happy ones :)
You can rewind the story and make another choice if the mission ends in a disaster
What separates this game from other text quests like Lifeline, are the awesome photos that the team sends your way while exploring the source of the signal


Apr 24 2017

Construct: Escape The System [FINAL]

Construct: Escape The System [FINAL]
Construct: Escape The System [FINAL]
Construct: Escape The System [FINAL]|296 mb
Construct: Escape the System is a sci-fi themed first person platformer that sees you trapped in a computer system, trying to escape.
Explore the system and locate the 8 empowering 'ability orbs'. Find and download the 5 'player upgrades'. Seek out and extract the 16 'system core power orbs'. Do all this and maybe you can escape.
Key features
- 4-6 hours of first person platforming gameplay with puzzle elements.
- Gameplay is a combination of exploration, platforming and careful thinking.
- 8 unique ability orbs to locate.
- Puzzle gameplay e.g. power inactive machinery with 'machine orbs' and light up dark areas with 'sun orbs'.
- Action gameplay e.g. change gravity direction with 'gravity switch orbs' and move rapidly around areas with 'teleport orbs'.
- 5 player upgrades to download.
- Action platforming e.g. upgrade your abilities to allow advanced jumping and boosting.
- 16 system core power orbs to extract.
- Unlock the various areas of the computer system to find and extract the power orbs from the dangerous system core areas.
- 57 unique gameplay areas split between 4 different zones, standard areas, system core areas and upgrade areas.
- 4 unique zone themes: Zone A (City), Zone B (Landscape), Zone C (Abstract) and Zone D (Spherical).
- Multiple render modes: Default, Negative, Monochrome Default and Monochrome Negative.
- Adjustable graphics options: Bloom, Depth of Field, Sun Shafts, Camera Motion Blur, Camera Noise, Chromatic Aberration and Water Quality.
- Keyboard and mouse support (3 button mouse required).
- Xbox 360 controller support.


Feb 14 2017

3D Super Chess [FINAL]

3D Super Chess [FINAL]
3D Super Chess [FINAL]
3D Super Chess [FINAL]|222MB
"3D Chess" invites you to challenging sessions in amazing 3D worlds against your computer or friends, from ancient Greece to spooky graveyards. For even more of a challenge test your mettle in our chess puzzle mode with its different levels of difficulty: Finish frozen sessions within a fixed number of turns. Find the best way to victory to unlock more and more new puzzles.
"3D Chess" features a strong AI and numerous comfort options (such as turn suggestion, undo turn, notations, turning the board and much more) to make every session an unforgettable experience, no matter whether you're playing against your computer or friends on the same PC.
A chess rule wiki rounds off the package and provides you with fascinating insights into the game's rules.
Single and multiplayer chess
• Undo turns
• Turn suggestions
• Freely rotatable boards
• Player vs player on a single PC
• Turn notations
• 3 different chess piece sets with matching boards
• Physics-based rendering with Unity 5
• 3 different lighting sets
• Chess puzzle mode with 3 levels of difficulty and 20 puzzles per level
• Chess rule wiki


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Jan 31 2017

Chicken Invaders 3: Revenge of the Yolk - Easter Edition [FINAL]

Chicken Invaders 3: Revenge of the Yolk - Easter Edition  [FINAL]

Chicken Invaders 3: Revenge of the Yolk - Easter Edition  [FINAL]

Chicken Invaders 3: Revenge of the Yolk - Easter Edition | 13.3 MB

Chickens. For centuries we have oppressed them, grilling, roasting, stewing, and stuffing them in buns. The time has come for us to pay. Intergalactic chickens are invading Earth, seeking revenge for the oppression of their earthly brethren! It's time for you to fight for our ancestral right to omelettes. Will you succeed? Will the future of chicken burgers be secure? Defend Earth in Chicken Invaders 3 – Revenge of the Yolk Easter Edition!

Find unique weapons
Collect special bonuses
Defeat the evil chickens!

Thanks to VELOCITY
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